Elegant group chat for your website

Kuramachat is a web-based group chat service that has an elegant design with lots of features. Use Kuramachat now for better engagement with your users.

Simple and fast creation

Setup and integrate your Kuramachat to your website in just a few minutes.

Seamless synchronization

Synchronize your Kuramachat with Telegram and Discord chats to gain more interaction.

Support for attachments

Allow your user to share any images and videos within your Kuramachat for better communication.

Flexible authentication

Authenticate your users to Kuramachat via guest, social media, or even your own OAuth.

Extensive moderation tools

Add your users as moderators to help you manage your Kuramachat with our moderation features.

Swift and optimized

Optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, Kuramachat will not ruin any of your website's design.

Chatting with customer services causes a lack of comfort

By using Kuramachat, your users will feel more comfortable when they want to talk or ask about something on your website. This happened because they will feel like chatting inside a group chat with their friends, instead of chatting privately with some sort of customer services.

Average time spent on your website will be increased

Kuramachat will also allow you and your users to build a community together, this will make your website users prefer to visit your website over others.

What are you waiting for?